Norm Miller MPP Parry Sound - Muskoka

After 14 years of Liberal Government, we have promises and excuses but no action on the Ring of Fire

October 2nd, 2017

QUEEN’S PARK – Fourteen years after the McGuinty/Wynne government was first elected, Ontarians are working harder, paying more and getting less, especially Northern Ontarians who are still waiting for the promised road to the Ring of Fire.


Norm Miller, MPP for Parry Sound-Muskoka and Opposition Critic for Northern Development and Mines, asked the government how Ontarians could trust them to fulfill their promises to develop the Ring of Fire.


The Ring of Fire was discovered in 2007, just a few years after the Liberal Government was first elected. In 2010 the Government called it “the most promising mining opportunity in Canada in a Century.” In 2014 they promised $1 billion to build a road to the Ring of Fire.


“Since then the Premier has made a lot of promises and some excuses, but still we have seen no shovels in the ground,” Miller told the Legislature.


The Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation David Zimmer repeated the promised $1 billion for infrastructure and repeated the promise to open the Ring of Fire but did not offer any concrete evidence of progress.


“As was evident from last week’s State of the North conference, Northern Ontario is having great difficulty attracting people and investment,” said Miller. “Northern Ontario needs the hope that the Ring of Fire offers but we need more than promises, we need to see action.”