Norm Miller MPP Parry Sound - Muskoka

Miller – “McGuinty government’s random approach to mining policy sends wrong signal to exploration companies.”

March 7th, 2012

(Queen’s Park) The McGuinty government and Minister of Northern Development and Mines continue claims of support for the industry while simultaneously removing more land from exploration in Ontario’s North.


This highlights the government’s contradictory and confused mining policies.  Since the McGuinty government took power, just as DeBeers’ Victor Mine was about to open, they slapped on a diamond royalty; shifted the provincial burden for the “duty to consult” onto mining industry; and removed more than a quarter million square kilometers from exploration.



“The decision to remove this land from mining was a surprise, even to the First Nation community.  These kind of arbitrary decisions are a big negative for mining exploration companies.  It says that Ontario is closed for business.”

PC Northern Development and Mines Critic, Norm Miller.


“The benefits of mining to First Nation communities, northern municipalities and to Ontario are irrefutable.  That is why the McGuinty government must move to adopt industry best practices.”

PC Northern Development and Mines Critic, Norm Miller.


Quick Facts:

•       Fraser Institute’s 2011/12 Survey of Mining Companies Policy Potential Index (PPI)  is a report card on how attractive government policies are from the point of view of exploration.  New Brunswick, Alberta, Quebec, Saskatchewan and the Yukon all scored ahead of Ontario.


•       According to the same mining survey, Ontario ranked 6th in the world in 2003; now ranks 25th for mineral potential, assuming best industry practices.


•       In a surprise announcement this week, Ontario’s Minister of Northern Development and Mines excluded from mining 23,000 square kilometers of northwestern Ontario.