Norm Miller MPP Parry Sound - Muskoka

New Hidden Hydro Tax Uncovered

March 22nd, 2010



Another hidden tax has been uncovered. This time Dalton McGuinty has added a new energy tax onto the hydro bills of Ontario families.


In a new government regulation, the McGuinty Government revealed its new $53 million hydro tax. The new Liberal hidden hydro tax will be applied directly to hydro bills. This is over and above Dalton McGuinty’s $3 billion HST tax grab which will drive up hydro bills by an additional 8%.



“Families and seniors in Parry Sound – Muskoka are already struggling to pay their hydro bills and many are complaining about the extra costs of smart meters. It is absolutely astonishing that the McGuinty Government is piling more on our hydro bills with this new tax.”

— Norm Miller, MPP Parry Sound – Muskoka


“Ontarians are bracing for the addition of the 8% harmonized sales tax on their hydro bills; now Mr. McGuinty is adding insult to injury with a sneaky, new hydro tax.”

— Norm Miller, MPP Parry Sound – Muskoka

Quick Facts:


In the fine-print of their so-called ‘Green Energy Act’, the McGuinty Liberals amended section 26.1 of the Ontario Energy Board Act to give themselves the power to force energy utilities to collect tax revenue on behalf of the government.


On March 12, 2010, with no advance notification or public warning, the McGuinty Liberals used this power to introduce a regulation that will force energy utilities to collect in $53,695,310 in new taxes. The regulation appeared online on March 17, only to mysteriously vanish on March 18.


Dalton McGuinty’s Hidden Hydro Tax is the fifth separate tax, charge, or price increase that is being imposed on Ontario families. The McGuinty Liberals are also forcing Ontario families to pay more through the Provincial Benefits Tax, the Ontario Hydro Debt Retirement Charge, the Special Samsung Tax, as well as increased base energy prices from their so-called ‘Smart Meters’. On July 1, the McGuinty Liberals will also begin collecting the 13% HST on every hydro bill.


Minister of Energy Brad Duguid has admitted that the size of the Liberal Hidden Hydro Tax is not fixed and could easily be increased next year.