Norm Miller MPP Parry Sound - Muskoka

Fall session demonstrated that the government does not have the solutions Ontarians need: Miller

December 18th, 2017

QUEENS PARK – Now that the fall session at Queen’s Park has come to a close, Parry Sound – Muskoka MPP Norm Miller is reflecting on how the government consistently missed opportunities to make life easier for rural and northern Ontarians.

“The past three months have provided numerous examples of how the government is failing to listen to Ontarians,” commented Miller. “This fall the government used time allocation to curtail debate on at least six major pieces of legislation, including Bill 148 which is changing the minimum wage at a pace that will significantly hurt small businesses.”

Miller also thinks the government needs to be less wasteful and more transparent with its finances. In October, the Auditor General released a report detailing how the government, in order to pay for its so-called Fair Hydro Plan, chose a non-transparent financing option—even though they knew it would put taxpayers on the hook for an additional $4 billion dollars.

Other recent choices by the government are also having negative long-term consequences, such as Wynne’s decision to allow the college strike to continue for five weeks before introducing back-to-work legislation. Thus far about 25,700 college students have withdrawn due to the strike, putting their education on hold because of government inaction.

“Personally, I worked hard this session to promote small businesses and made-in-Ontario innovations,” reflected Miller, referring to his Reducing Waste One Pod at a Time Act, which would make all single-serve coffee pods compostable. “I am grateful that the folks at Muskoka Roastery introduced me to the compostable alternative, and I hope the government will move my bill forward and reduce waste going into landfill.”

Looking ahead to 2018, Miller is determined to continue to hold the government to account while advocating on behalf of the residents of Parry Sound – Muskoka. “The Auditor General just released an 830-page report assessing the government’s performance. I am looking forward to reviewing her recommendations and asking the government some tough questions in the new year.”