Norm Miller MPP Parry Sound - Muskoka

Miller proud to show off local inspiration for his advocacy on compostable packaging

December 11th, 2018

Pleased to support Ford Government’s Environmental Plan

HUNTSVILLE, ON: Norman Miller, MPP for Parry Sound-Muskoka and Andrea Khanjin, MPP for Barrie-Innisfil and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks, visited Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co., the inspiration for Miller’s compostable coffee pod bill.

Miller and Khanjin made the visit in support of the Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan “Preserving and Protecting our Environment for Future Generations,” released by Minister Rod Phillips.

The plan includes reducing waste from packaging and single use plastic by working with municipalities to develop clear requirements for compostable packaging. The government will also consider ways to make producers responsible for the end of life management of their products and packaging, an idea Miller championed in Private Members Bills he introduced in 2005 and 2007.

“This part of the plan was definitely inspired by Mr. Miller,” said Phillips. “Norm has a history of promoting waste reduction with private members bills about things like deposit return on liquor bottles, compostable coffee pods and product stewardship.”

“It is great to see a business that is taking a leadership role in environmental protection,” said Khanjin. “I have great respect for business people like President and Co-Founder Patricia Snell and CEO Doug Burns and I want them to know we will find ways to recognize their environmental leadership.”

“I believe this is a good plan to protect our environment while also protecting our economy,” said Miller. “I am pleased to see a comprehensive plan to meet Ontario’s targets under the Parris Accord as well as protect our water, land and air, reduce waste and increase our resilience to climate change.”

“Parry Sound-Muskoka includes some of Ontario’s greatest and most sensitive bodies of water so I am thrilled to see a requirement for real-time reporting of sewage overflows,” said Miller.

Finally, the government will promote the use of our Provincial Parks with a goal of attracting 10% more visitors, exposing more people to the natural environment around Ontario.

“This will not only help people understand why it is important to protect our environment but it will attract more people to our area to visit our many provincial parks,” said Miller. The plan is available for comment on the Ontario Environmental Registry.